$1,500.00 CAD

800 Hour | Awake In The Wild - Yoga & Lifestyle Program - secure payment

This is a payment to secure your spot - there will be an additional 12 payments of $400 that will start 1 month after registering. You will receive an email with further details, once registered.

This program certifies 800 hours of training and is a minimum of 12 months - starts April 2023.

During a maximum of 12 months after registration you need to fulfill the following:

  1. You need to document at least 63 hours of meditation. Please keep a record of your daily  “Daily Meditation”.  It is strongly suggested to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day using the Mantra “Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama”.
  2. You need to document at least 18 hours of partaking  Satsang. These could be official Satsangs with Tina, or Kirtan concerts, Mantra chanting events or similar events.
  3. Last month after finishing your book reports, you need to take and pass 3 test classes. One led ashtanga primary class, one therapeutic class and one Shantiseva Earth Class. 

The mentorship is to build a deeper understanding of Shantiseva, Ashtanga, Assisting, spirituality within the practice of yoga. Bhakti, Vedic prayers, yoga therapeutics, meditation, and your daily Sadhana.